Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where is the love?

Recently, I'm listening to a song my friend recommended. That song is reacent my favorite song. It is " Where is the love". The song is sang by Black eyed peas. Actually, I seldom listen to Hip-Hop music, but I like the song!! Its lylic is great. The song talks about what is going on in the world. The song appeal to peace. When I listened the song, I was made to think about a lot of things. There are many children who can't go to school and suffer from hunger or war. Last year, I researched about childrren in the world for my presentation. There is street children who have no home to return or child soldier who fight with a gun. Maybe, these children is thinking "Where is the love?" Recently, even in Japan, I heard sad news of murder of young children. It's very sad young children are killed. I want many people listen to the song and I hope people in the world have love each other.

The lylic from Where is the love.....

But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irrate
Madness is what you demonstrate
And thats exactly how this angle works and operates
Man, you got to have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love y'all

People killing, people dying
Children hurtin, hear the crying
Can you practice what you preech
Or would you turn the other cheek
Father father father help us
Send some guidence from above
These people got me, got me questioning
Where is the love............

The song from Black eyed peas.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Yesterday, we didn't have circle activity. So, I went to home with my friends after 4th period. We were going to go back to home....but suddenly, we were supposed to go to my friend's station. We didn't decide the plan what we would do at my friend's home town. So, we went to "Watami" , which is very famous for izakaya. At there, I and my friend talked a lot!!!!!! I was happy to listen to her story. She told me everything. There is no secret among us. I thought my friendship will last forever! I an really happy to be able to meet her. I didn't imagine I can make a friend.... but!! actually I could meet.
Next time, I want her to come my home town. My home town, Ashiya, is not fun to visit, but the city is so nice and also people are nice. It is fun to visit the place we haven never been.

Today, I was so sleepy that I couldn't concentrate on the class. But recently, I have no time to take enough sleep. I tried to take but it is difficult .

Study Abroad!!

This Tuesday was the announcement day of study abroad. I took an interview for English regular program last Saturday. The interview was hard for me because I took the interview test for passing international exchange student last time and failed. In fact, I was very scared to see the announcement. I didn't have a courage to find my name on the paper. But!! my classmates said we all passed exam!! So, I became so happy and couldn't help crying because I was too happy to pass the exam.
I sent a lot of E-mail to my friends in order to tell them I passed the exam. Also, I talked with my friends on the phone a lot. My friends all celebrated. I was so happy!! I can't still believe I can go to study abroad. One of the my dreams will come true next year!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The coming-age day!

Last tuesday, I went to hair salon in Kobe after the class. Tick-Tock is the hair salon I have been to since I was a high school student. I have been to there for 5 years. When I was high school student, I and my friends often go to there together. I had a intimate stylist there, but she quited the shop. So, I wondered wheather I should keep going Tick-Tock, but other stylist is also good, so I decided to keep going.
I made a reservation at Tick-Tock for hair and make-up on the coming-age day!! On that day, I have to go there at 4:50 am!!! Can you believe that??? It must be hard for me to wake up such a early time and go to Kobe!!! Before that day, I have to take a counseling what hair style or make-up I want to do. I think it's good to have a time to decide. While my hair stylist cut my hair, I looked at some hair style book about hair style of the coming-age day. I didn't have realization for the comin-age day, but at that time, I could have it. I think custom of the coming-age day is one of the most good tradition in Japan. Every woman change into beautiful on the day with Furisode. I'm really looking forward to the day!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Yesterday, I went to Universal Studio Japan with my circle's friends. It was so fun!!
Now is the time USJ has an event of Christmas. So there is a big Christmas tree in USJ. It is said that that tree is the most tallest Christmas tree in Japan. It was very beautiful. We enjoyed many attractions!! At first, we went to Jaws! And we went to Spiderman, which is the most my favorite attraction in USJ. During lunch time, we cereblate my circle's member whose birthday is yesterday. We bought cake at the restraunt and cereblate my friend. It was surprise cereblation for her, so she was very surprised and also seemd to be happy.
If you go to USJ on your birthday, it is good. Do you know the attraction of ET? Always, ET says our name, right? ET also cereblate her birthday by saying that Happy Birthday!!
After we enjoyed at USJ, we went to drink in Namba. We spent time drinking and eating at izakaya until the sun goes up next morning. It was soooo fun!! We talked alot. Mostly, we talked about love. It was interesting for me because we rarely talk about love. And also it was interesting to listen to men's opinion about love in different aspect as wemen. Anyway, we are really good friends at circle. We are different grade each other. There were 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade member. Regardress of age, we have good relationship. I like my circle's member alot!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

School Festival

School Festival began!! I went to school yesterday and today. I belong to soccer circle and we sell "Hashimaki", which is kind of wrapped "Okonomiyaki" with choppsticks.We are going to sell it 2000!!! So, we have to try to sell a lot! Today was a weekday, so it is difficult to catch customers, so we walked around to sell "Hashimaki". I asked a lot of people to buy "Hashimaki". I was happy when people buy it after I asked.
Today, Tsurube came to Kansai Gaidai to do talk show. He is very famous comedian in Japan. His story was so fun that I couldn't help laughing all the time. He was very nice person. After his show finished, he came to outside and came clso to us, who were waiting for him outside. He is really kind!!
In evening, I and my circle's friends went to eat "Yakiniku". It was very fun!! We had a good time there. And we drived at night. While we drived, we listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers!! They are good to listen when we drive, I think.
Tomorrow is also school festival, so I'll enjoy tomorrow too!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Camping with Children at Rainbow!!

One of the best memory spending with children is camp out at El Drad. In the weekend, I joined camp out with Rainbow children. Actually, i didn't have to join it, that mean I didn't have to go to Rainbow on Friday because children were going to go to camp out from morning on the day. So, there is no children when I come to Rainbow after English language school. But, I thought it was a good chance to experience camp out because I've never done camp out. Also, I wanted spend more time on spending with children. So, I asked teachers if I can join the camp out. Then, they welcomed us to join the camp out, so I was very glad to hear that. I think it was good to be active anyting when I stayed in America. Active action brought me a lot of precious experiences.
Not only children and teachers, but also children's parents came to camp out and enjoyed with family. I thought it was really good chance for children to spend good time with their parents. Their faces looked so happy!! I was also happy to see their smiling faces. We did alot of things at camp out; camp fire, riding boart, hiking etc. It was really good experience for me.

Friday, October 14, 2005

☆School Festival Day at Rainbow☆

In morning, I went to English Language school for the first time on the day. It took 30 minutes to go there by bus from my house. It was first time for me to get on the bus in America. The experience was confusing at first because bus stop has no name in America. So I had to check the name of streets which is crossing and pull the string when bus driver called that street name. It was difficult for me to get off the bus, so I often got off the bus wrong place. As I heard before, it is true the bus is always coming late!!!. Always, bus comes around 15 minutes behind.
At language school, I took placement test which decide level of the class I'm going to take. My class was intermediate level. I was surprised to enter the class because most of my classmates were Japanese except 1 girl who was from Switzerland. It was boring for me to take the class because its level was too easy for me. Now, I'm taking IES class in Japan, so just studying English was not interesting and was boring for me.
After the class, I headed for Rainbow. When I arrived at Rainbow, children played outside. Actually, this day was festival day at Rainbow!! Some children put fake tatoo on their faces. They were so cute!! Children competed in many games and some of them get stuff.
On this day, I made friends with 5 years old boy, Mark. At first, he didn't speak alot when I spoke to him. But I tried to make him to talk with me, so I asked him a lot of questions so that he could speak. Then, he began to speak a lot by degree. He seemed to open his heart for me and gave me a sticker he got at competition. I was so happy. He was soooo cute!!!! His smile mede me smile. He is 5 years old, so the way of his speaking was very childish. Sometimes it was difficult to listen to his English. Actually, his parents speak Rossian, which makes his English more difficult to listen. But he was good English teacher for me because he said same thing many times when he knew I didn't understand and made me understand by using gesture. He was really good and smart boy. Mostly, children around his age often cried or did someting they were not supposed to do. But, Mark wasn't a boy like that. He was often praised by teachers. I think Mark is one of the most my closest children at Rainbow.
On the day, I was taking my degital camera, so some children was interested in it and asked me to take pictures. We enjoyed taking pictures each other. But so many children were interested in my camera and wanted to take pictures. It sometimes leads quarrel, like "It's my turn, your turn finished!!!!". Some children didn't try to give my camera to me, so It made me be in trouble. Teacher warned children to give back it to me. I was also said I should not hand it to children because there is possibility for children broke it and they can't compensate for it. I thought I should not have done that.
After playing outside, children were doing art activity inside. They made necklace or bracelet by beads. At that time, I made friends with another boy whose name is Mikey. He is 6 years old. He was making necklace when I spoke to him. He said he was making necklace for his mother and his older sister. When he was about to finishing his handmaking necklace, sadly he dropped the necklace on the floor!!!! Then beads spreaded out!!! He seemed to be depressed, so I was encouraged him to make again and helped to make the necklace. After he finished making it, I asked him if he could make bracelet for me. Then, he listened my favor and said to me to chose the color I like. He gave me that bracelet. I was sooo happy. 2nd day at Rainbow, I could know many children, so I was really happy. I was looking forward to going to see children's face everyday at Rainbow!!!